Enhanced Maternity Pay Agreement

During unpaid maternity leave, workers are not required to pay dues, although a worker may continue to contribute to avoid suspension of service. The right to maternity leave is applicable from the first day of employment. All workers taking maternity leave have the right to return to work at any time during regular or additional maternity leave (after two weeks of forced leave), provided they follow the regular notification procedures set out in section 5 of this policy. If your baby is born before qualifying week, you must provide written proof of the baby`s birth. You must also provide medical evidence of when the baby originally arrived. Proof of the expected date and effective date can be provided jointly on part B of the matB1 maternity certificate issued by your doctor or midwife. You must provide this proof within three weeks of birth. The payment period starts from the day after your baby is born. Workers on maternity leave are not exempt from redundancy or dismissal due to redundancies in a situation of actual redundancy where there is no other suitable job. When negotiating a transaction contract, it is also important to pay attention: when a worker begins maternity leave before completing her trial period satisfactorily, the trial period continues after her return to work in order to complete the full trial period. Learn more about pregnancy and discrimination in maternity (PDF, 524KB, 25 pages). The inclusion of annual bonuses for the calculation of “average weekly wage” can have a significant impact on the amount of PMS received by a worker during the first six weeks of maternity leave. You can use the maternity allowance calculator on GOV.UK.

If the school is unable to change the employee`s working conditions to eliminate the health risks and there is no suitable alternative work to provide her with something temporarily, the school may suspend her from work for maternity reasons until there are no longer any health risks. This can be for the rest of her pregnancy until the beginning of their maternity leave. When a worker is suspended under these conditions, her employment continues for the duration of the suspension, which does not affect her legal or contractual employment and her maternity rights. The worker is entitled, during the duration of her suspension, to her regular salary and contractual benefits, unless she has unduely refused an appropriate alternative offer of employment. If your baby is born before the maternity allowance and the leave has started, but after the qualifying week, you must notify the school within three weeks or as quickly as thereafter reasonably feasiblely. The payment period starts from the day after your baby is born.